Dana Construction Company with beyond one decade experience in the field of construction is holder of qualification certificate of mass production granted by Ministry of Housing & Urban Development appended with Certificate of Contracting Competency issued by Ministry of Interior. During its long standing construction records, this company led and finished various residential, trade and administrative projects by means of modern technology. Such splendid successes did not  attainable but only by relying on taintless endeavors of specialized manpower .
Certificates /Confirmations:
-     ISO 9001 international certificate ;
-     Membership in Mass Housing  Society of Esfahan ;
-     Membership in Technical & Sales Committee of Developers ;
-     Holder of business license issued by Trade Union of House & Building
      Developers ;  

-     Membership in society of Civil and Facility Companies of Esfahan ;
-     Registration in State Tax System, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs;
-     Holder of Business License , Ministry of Housing & Urban Development ;
-    Holder of certificate of Contracting Competency under supervision of Esfahan;
-     Governorship & Ministry of Interior;

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Some residential projects:
-    162-unit apartment of Maskan Mehr Project , Fooladshahr ;
-    155-unit apartment of Dana 15 project;
-    48-unit apartment of Dana 14 project;
-    Isfahan International Exhibition
-    ….
Some road-making & landscaping projects:
-    Farzanegan Street & boxwood for 30 meters;
-    Ordibehesht street, baharestan;
-    Development Plan of Soffeh Terminal;
-    ….
Some school-developing projects :
-    Zeinabieh school , Sedeh-Lenjan;
-    Masoumeh school, Zarrinshahr;
-    Playground of schools
-    …
Some sport projects:
-    Kamal stadium ;
-    Zefreh stadium ;
-    Gavart stadium ;
-    ….
For taking files and scanned documents, please see the Persian section of website

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